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Who Is Scarlett Lily?

Scarlett Allen-Horton is a highly accomplished recruitment leader, BBC Apprentice Finalist, innovative entrepreneur and founder of the multi-award winning Harper Fox Partners. Scarlett is also a keynote speaker, business mentor, business partner to Lord Sugar, RFC board advisor and voluntary ambassador for numerous charitable and purpose driven organisations.


Fuelling your growth, inspiring transformation, elevating your impact.

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Scarlett Lily Speaks

Scarlett Lily is not your average speaker - she's an inspirational powerhouse with a gift for connecting with audiences of all types. With over a decade of experience, Scarlett is widely recognized as a leading expert in the art of public speaking. She's perfected the art of delivering speeches that are both impactful and authentic, crafting messages that leave lasting impressions on those who hear them.

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Business Coaching

Are you a woman ready to unleash your full potential and make your entrepreneurial mark on the world? Whether that is starting your entrepreneurial journey from scratch or scaling your business from 6 to 7 figures; if you are driven to leave a lasting legacy, with Scarlett’s expert guidance, you'll cultivate a powerful business mindset that will propel you to new heights of success.

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Fuelling your growth, inspiring transformation, and elevating your impact. Join our vibrant community of driven female founders who are dedicated to making a lasting impact and building a legacy. Together, we’ll conquer the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship, uplifting one another and championing each other’s success, in a purpose led, supportive environment.