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Scarlett Lily is not your average speaker – she’s an inspirational powerhouse with a gift for connecting with audiences of all types. With over a decade of experience, Scarlett is widely recognized as a leading expert in the art of public speaking. She’s perfected the art of delivering speeches that are both impactful and authentic, crafting messages that leave lasting impressions on those who hear them.

Scarlett’s speaking services are designed with her audience in mind -she offers a range of services that include keynote speeches, seminars and workshops. These services are perfect for corporations, non-profits, and other organizations looking to inspire, educate, and entertain their audience. Scarlett’s speeches are tailored to the specific needs of her audience, ensuring that every word resonates with the listeners. She’s passionate about making a difference in the world, and her speeches reflect her commitment to creating positive change.

With her powerful story and professional experiences, Scarlett is well-equipped to tackle a variety of different topics and societal challenges including, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Entrepreneurship, Women in Business / STEM, Overcoming Adversity and Domestic Abuse Advocacy.

Book Scarlett Lily for your upcoming event and see for yourself the impact she’ll have on your audience. Her authentic approach is guaranteed to inspire and empower, creating a truly engaging experience for all.

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Speaking Topics
  • Shattering the Status Quo: The Power of Breaking Boundaries
  • Fearless Disruption: Embracing Positive Change
  • Unleashing Innovation: The Key to Success
  • From Underrepresented to Unstoppable
  • From Vision to Victory: Creating an Impactful Multi-Award Winning Business
  • The Three P’s of Business: Purpose, Passion, Profit
  • From Start-Up to Success: Scaling Your Business and Securing Investment
  • Inspiring Greatness: Intrepreneurship in the workplace
  • The Power of She: Empowering Women to Thrive in Business
  • Innovating Inclusion: Women Transforming STEM
  • Born to be Bold: Encouraging Women to Embrace their Entrepreneurial Potential
  • She Believed She Could so She Did
  • Your Past Can Never be Bigger Than Your Future
  • The Power of Authenticity and Owning Your Truth
  • On the Other Side of Perfection is Freedom
  • Thriving Beyond Trauma: Domestic Abuse Advocacy
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Chinara M

Scarlett has a very real and clear passion for the work that not only she does, but the industry within which she works. This comes across in all of the conversations and meetings I have had with her, and this enthusiasm and passion is contagious; her open questions and exploratory nature enables a real flow of conversations and to think about key topics in a deeper way.

May Stevenson

You are a true inspiration to me, my personal circumstances have been very similar to yours and to hear your voice, speaking so boldly, so passionately – I can’t tell you how grateful I am.

Angela Holdswoth

She rocks!!  This Queen!

Pam Kaur

Wow! You are an incredible woman. So glad to have had the opportunity to meet. Thanks for sharing your insights today, made so many notes!

Martin Edmond

Wow, Wow wow!   Scarlett you are such a positive voice in a space that can be tricky to navigate.

Zakaira Harris

You have made me believe in myself, that I can be a senior business leader!

Luke Perryman

Oh my gosh, what a real fan girl moment, I forgot everything I wanted to say, then got emotional You come to mind often as I think about how I want to portray myself, and lead myself- thank you.

Daniella Gleeson

I believe Scarlett is leading the way within the EDI arena with her actions and approaches to topics that are normally viewed as ‘difficult to talk about’ or seen as taboo to approach. Its really refreshing to see and I hope that we see more companies following this path in the (very near) future.

Ayaan Hamza

Scarlett Allen-Horton makes real impact!

Susan Robson

Scarlett’s authentic and infectious enthusiasm for supporting others, whilst delivering excellence, filters through to everyone she interacts with. An excellent example of a person who delivers both business and social benefits.

Lee Curtis

Progressive and inclusive, and you genuinely care about the people that you represent. And you’re awesome.

David Ambrose

Scarlett is so inspirational and authentic, an amazing example to all, as a young woman trying to grow my business your advice has been invaluable.

Ms S Dembe

Honest and makes a true emotional connection.

Shuhul Price

Scarlett actually cares and is focused on giving great guidance and wisdom, an inspiration.